Dr. Benedict Posadas, June 2017, Mississippi Gulf Coast, USA

It was summer of 1973 when the MSU-ROTC Unit conducted the first Summer Civic Action Program at the MSU Marawi campus. The main project of the program that summer was the zoning of the MSU Barrio Mahirap into its new location. The program was implemented under the leadership of the incoming first class cadet officers of the MSU-ROTC Unit, namely Hajan Usman, Benedict Posadas, Paisal Umpa. Usman (second from right, first row standing) left MSU in 1973 and joined the Philippine Constabulary, now the Philippine National Police. Posadas (second from left, first row standing) graduated from MSU in 1974, went to Ateneo de Manila University for his graduate degree in Economics, and upon completion went back to Marawi to serve the College of Business Administration as instructor and head of the Economics Department, and as Tactical Officer of the MSU-ROTC Unit until 1980. Umpa (third from left, first row standing) graduated from MSU in 1974 and joined the Philippine National Police.


The MSU Rearguard was formally organized by the incoming cadet officers of the MSU-ROTC Unit in June 1973. The three incoming first class cadet officers brainstormed the formation of the organization together with the incoming second and third class cadet officers that year. The name MSU Rearguard was selected as a counterpart of the UP Vanguard of the University of the Philippines ROTC Unit.

Since then the MSU Rearguard graduated hundreds of cadet officers and transformed them into ladies and gentlemen of the highest order. It is an honor to be accepted as one and everyone is duty bound to honor that tradition and to preserve that way of life. Our motto is to follow now and lead in the future under the principles of leadership, discipline and courtesy. Humble as we maybe now but when duty calls we arise to the occasion and serve to the best of our abilities. That is the true essence of the MSU Rearguard. Congratulations, my fellow comrades. We really have come a long way and more to go.